This page is dedicated to all the special people who have opened their homes and heart to my  Bengals I have raised over the years. Thank you ALL, Michele

We were so thrilled with our kitten Jack in June, we went back to Michele in November and brought home his baby brother Cody.  These are the most loving, chatty, entertaining and amazing animals we have ever had.  Everyday they brighten our home with their beauty and fun personalities. Looking forward to a lifetime of joy with these Nahanni boys.
Thanks Michele! - Joanne
Thank you to Joanne 
for taking 2 of my Boys
(full brothers, different litter )
 2008 and for giving them such a loving, spoiled life in 
Upstate NY

(Soon to be getting a little girl from me Nov 09)
Thank you to Cliff & his Girls 
for taking 2 kittens 3 months apart in age - 2009. 
I know they will receive lots of love & affection in your home.  Long Island, NY 


Hi Michele,
I got Cairo from you almost 3 years ago, he is one of Leo's. He grew up to have quite a  personality.  He loves bags and boxes and gets into them whenever her  gets a chance. I even taught him to jump in an open box while i'm  holding it a few feet up (i'm kidding myself, because he can resist  climbing into a box). He plays fetch, and rolls over.  He plays like a  teething puppy, he'll grab your hand with his paws and nibble (never  biting, applying only the slightest pressure to be followed by licks). The fish hooks are never a problem. If he gets too excited;  saying "no claws", he puts them away.  He only likes to scratch his  post and scratch box.  He is more talkative then any cat i have ever  know. If you speak to him, hell talk right back. He greets me at the  
door whenever I come home, and if i go away for a few days he lets me  hear it. And everybody at the Vet adores him.
Thanks for Cairo...Ryan From NY.

Thank you  Michelle & Anthony for taking 2 of my cats over a year apart from each other.
Brooklyn, NY
Carson as a baby...2006

Carson is the best cat I've ever owned. He is like a son to me since I've raised him since he was a kitten. Everyday I come home from work he runs to the door and starts yelling like he is happy to see me. Thank you again Nahanni for providing a loving member of my family.
From CT.